Race The Sun – Review

Race The Sun is an adrenaline rush the likes of which few other games can compare! The whoosh as you soar past objects, the intensity as the sun threatens to disappear past the horizon, and the unbelievable moments of triumph when you make it through in one piece are but small bits of what makes for an extremely exhilarating experience.

Your goal is simple: pilot a futuristic solar-powered flying-craft at breakneck speeds, dodging obstacles and attempting to get as far as you can before the sun inevitably sets. What turns RtS from a simple detraction into an addiction is the execution. Every aspect has an unprecedented level of refinement, from the effortless maneuvering of your vehicle to the expertly placed obstructions which become increasingly complex and challenging the further you progress, show a clear attention to detail and a superb sense of direction by the developers.

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Aside from chasing the leaderboards, there are also 25 levels of skill based objectives for you to complete, which unlock upgrades and details to outfit your craft with. It took me about five hours to clear them all, at which point you truly begin your climb up the leaderboards. Although the game does lose a bit of its drive without these challenges to complete, having a newly remixed world every day (complete with daily leaderboards) still gives a reason to keep coming back for more, which is made even easier by how well RtS works as a pickup and play game, while still providing enough depth to make longer sessions just as enjoyable (those looking for an extra challenge will definitely find it in the ultra-hard Apocalypse mode).

Lastly I can’t stress enough how unexpectedly amazing the presentation is. The textures themselves might be basic, but there is an elegance in RtS’s barren landscape that works amazingly well with how fast you will be soaring through it. The sparse use of color becomes even more important, outlining oncoming obstacles and highlighting power-ups in your peripheral vision that might otherwise be lost to more robust graphical effects. The stark contrast between light and shadow plays a key role in creating a sense of dread whenever you cross into one, letting you know the end is nigh if you don’t get out of there fast. A great score and excellent sound effects round out the package, which words really can’t do any justice to.

Final Word

It only took one round for me to get hooked to Race the Sun. Developer Flippfly absolutely nailed it and created something that truly astounded me, perhaps more so than any other game the year it released. I’m just going to end this by saying you need to play this for yourself! It’s a breathtaking game that I desperately want to share with others, and one that deserves to be played by a far larger crowd than those who have managed to discover it.

Don’t let it slip by you, the sun is already setting.

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Race The Sun was developed by Flippfly and is available on PC, Mac, Linux, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, and Playstation Vita.

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