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Metamorphabet – Review

This weekend had been fairly unpleasant. I’d come down with something awful, sneezing and coughing like crazy as I lounged around trying not to infect every inch of my home and the people who share it with me. I was all but forced by my body to do nothing but lie in bed wondering what I’d done to the universe this time, as I cycled between barely conscious and hyper alert and all the while failing entirely to distract myself from whatever was ailing me. Continue reading Metamorphabet – Review

Quick Thoughts On: Windosill

There is an inherently charming and magical quality Windosill; an enchanting playfulness that can’t properly be put into words and is better enjoyed first hand. A point and click puzzle game encompassing ten inordinately imaginative rooms, it’s neither challenging nor lengthy, but in the same way a short picture book can be hugely delightful, succeeds because of its simple design and childish sensibilities. Continue reading Quick Thoughts On: Windosill