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Lost Saves – Episode 7: All the Songs Fit to Print

Welcome to episode 7 of Lost Saves, several weeks past due and aged like a fine wine.

This week we discuss some of our favorite video game tracks, from Hotline Miami fever dreams to the smooth vocals of K.K. Slider. If you enjoy this episode and would like to see more, let us know in the comment. Also, tell us about some of your favorite game tracks! Continue reading Lost Saves – Episode 7: All the Songs Fit to Print

Transistor – Review

For all their hundred-million dollar budgets and hundreds strong development teams, it feels as if indie games have all but entirely eclipsed those of AAA developers. Transistor stands at the precipice of this phenomenon, an unprecedented achievement in artistic vision and game design that I hesitate to review for fear of not doing it justice. Supergiant Games, creators of the outstanding Bastion, have not been resting on their laurels, returning after three years with an experience that has completely toppled any expectations I previously had for it, leaving me stunned and in awe at the scope of their vision and the skill in which they execute it. Transistor is, simply put, a masterpiece. Continue reading Transistor – Review