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Logan is a superhero film without heroes

“This is what life looks like.”

Roughly halfway through Logan (2017), Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) utters the line that will by the movie’s end personify it. He is lying on a bed in a country house, sick but at peace in one of the film’s only calm moments, attempting to break through the Logan/Wolverine’s (Hugh Jackman) outer shell to find what remains of the broken man underneath. Continue reading Logan is a superhero film without heroes

Ex Machina – Movie Review

In an age where smartphones can talk back, organs can be synthetically printed, and the internet has become an almost fundamental element of modern humanity, it feels as if the gap between true artificial intelligence and consciousness is becoming smaller by the day. It’s in this environment that I’ve become fascinated by narratives exploring not just the plausibility of a fully sentient AI, but the ethical and moral implications there in; stories which question the basis by which we define ourselves as alive and human, and at which point our creations are no longer ours to control. Within this context, Ex Machina exists as Hollywood’s latest critically beloved entry into the transhumanistic, and in lieu of such an honor fulfills its part as a film which is equal parts eloquently constructed and wholly unsurprising. Continue reading Ex Machina – Movie Review

Inside Out – Movie Review

There’s a sort of poetic appropriateness to having sat down to watch Inside Out only hours after suffering a rather severe emotional breakdown. For reasons I don’t feel ready to delve into I was feeling down – REALLY down – and it was with a still cluttered mind that I came into Pixar’s newest creation, still slightly out of it and just hoping to distract myself from my overzealous emotions. Continue reading Inside Out – Movie Review

Freedom Fall – Review

A handful of exceptions excluded, platformers are typically synonymous with the act of jumping up and ascending toward your end goal, with falling down often resulting in death or setting you back. As the name implies, Freedom Fall takes a different approach, placing your stranded at the top of a tower and forcing you to descend through the traps an precariously placed spikes toward your escape. It’s a novel idea accomplished with a lot of style, but one that was also originally done for mobile and tablet devices and on its way to the PC has had little effort into better suiting it to the platform. What follows is an enjoyable, but flawed experience that can’t reach its full potential, despite being largely enjoyable much of the time. Continue reading Freedom Fall – Review