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Lost Saves – Episode 2: Fantastic Beasts of Neo San-Francisco

Welcome to the second episode of Lost Saves, a video game podcast that is rarely about video games!

This week we discuss empathy in games, Dropsy and how to make effective positive media, consider how Read Only Memories handles identity, debate how fantastic Fantastic Beasts really is, and learn some lizard facts. Continue reading Lost Saves – Episode 2: Fantastic Beasts of Neo San-Francisco

Read Only Memories – Review

Read Only Memories is beautiful in its willingness to embrace its most earnest parts. Cyberpunk as a genre seems obsessed with the grimy underbelly of technological utopias, social disorder among megacorporation overlords, and the dangers unregulated scientific breakthroughs create for humanity at large. Rarely is it even discussed that maybe there’s room within cyberpunk for more than government induced terror and futuristic narcotics. Where, if I may be so bold, is the cute side of cyberpunk? Continue reading Read Only Memories – Review

The Best Games You Might Have Missed In 2015

A lot of games came out in 2015. You probably don’t need me to tell you this, as chances are you have your own pile of shame somewhere nearby to remind you of everything you didn’t have time to play. It’s ridiculous to expect to be able to play everything that comes out in a year, even restricting yourself to only the most critically acclaimed releases (which I’ll be the first to tell you is a terrible way to choose what you play), but the downside of this is a lot of great games, smaller games tend to go by entirely unnoticed. So rather than write up a typical best-of-2015 list (which, having missed out on a lot of this year’s heavy hitters would probably feel incomplete or reaching), here are some of the best games to come out over the last twelve months that chances are you never got around to. These games are weird, and awkward, sometimes completely beyond categorization, and represent some of the coolest games I had the chance to play this year. Continue reading The Best Games You Might Have Missed In 2015