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3AM Reminds Us Of The Simple Joy Of A Late Night Cup Of Tea

Insomnia has been an unwelcome guest in my life for as long as I can remember. It’s a bit like a nocturnal puppy, waiting until you are just easing into bed and then deciding it is time to play, springing on you like a snake in a can and refusing to let you go to sleep until it’s had some fun. Usually this amounts to lying in bed silently counting off the seconds of sleep you’ve already missed out on as you roll around only to discover your bed has been replaced with what feels like a pile of rocks. None of the magic remedies seem to work, and at some point between contemplating how hard you’d have to hit yourself in the head to pass out and whether you should just give up on the idea of sleep altogether, you took out your phone and now it is all over. Continue reading 3AM Reminds Us Of The Simple Joy Of A Late Night Cup Of Tea

Quick Thoughts On: Cut the Rope Magic

Somewhere between the brilliant original and 2015’s Magic, Cut the Rope lost its gusto. Maybe it’s just what happens when you become one of the most iconic series on a platform that is becoming harder and harder to get noticed on, or maybe it’s the side effect of releasing five games in as many years (six, if you count the smaller Holiday Treat, not to mention the various ports and spinoffs). Whatever the cause, Cut the Rope Magic seems to signal that the developers at ZeptoLab are currently at a loss where to take the series. Continue reading Quick Thoughts On: Cut the Rope Magic

Quick Thoughts On: Imagine Me

Imagine Me is agitated by its own existence. It can’t decide where to commit, patching on modes of play like a bad worker trying to explain their way out of a botched job by showing you all the little, trivial tasks they’ve completed instead. Right out of the gate Imagine Me tries its hand at procedurally generated level designs (it can’t be that hard, right? Everyone’s doing it). But once the algorithms start rolling and the levels actually come into existence, it’s immediately clear Imagine Me hasn’t the slightest clue what it’s doing. Continue reading Quick Thoughts On: Imagine Me

Quick Thoughts On: Labyrinthine Dreams

There’s a part of me – the pessimistic critical part of me always lurking for a new victim to verbosely dismember – which feels compelled to scoff at Labyrinthine Dreams’ optimism and sentimentality. Something in my brain tells me that from a literary standpoint this saccharine monologue told within the dreams of a terminal cancer patient on her death-bed is shallow and driven primarily by the player’s emotions. But what I’ve come to find more and more lately as I’ve begun to take steps to break myself out of depression and hopefully come out the other side a happier person, is…I don’t care what that part of me says anymore. Continue reading Quick Thoughts On: Labyrinthine Dreams

Quick Thoughts On: The Hole Story

Girls Make Games is one of the coolest things happening in the games industry right now. As a summer camp it’s helping to teach young women how to make games and close the gaping gender gap that has been an issue in-game development for decades. Even more than that it’s giving these up and coming developers a means to turn their ideas and newfound knowledge into actual full-blown games, the first being The Hole Story which won the 2014 GMG camp grand prize and was followed up with a successful Kickstarter campaign raising over $31,000. Continue reading Quick Thoughts On: The Hole Story