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Pan-Pan Presents The Most Charming Of Shipwrecks

There are a few core facts I know as of now about Pan-Pan. First, that it is being published by Swedish art-house developer, Might & Delight, creators of the wondrous Shelter and various other pretty projects. Two, that it is being developed by the single-man studio, Spelkraft, whose primary goal is “to create ‘pure’ entertaining and creative interactive experiences,” an endearing mantra evident in his work. Which brings me, finally, to three, that Pan-Pan looks positively lovely, with an art style evoking something between The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and Adventure Time. Continue reading Pan-Pan Presents The Most Charming Of Shipwrecks

Shelter 2 – Review

The original Shelter was a poetic, intense journey through the life of a momma badger and her journey to find safety for her cubs. It’s one of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever had with a game, relentless and beautiful in its raw exploration of the brutality of nature, and one that I felt stood alone without need of a sequel. To its credit, Might & Delight’s Shelter 2 has arrived full of big ideas and drastic departures from the first; an artistic and emotional feast of burgeoning ambition and creativity. I only wish it had been aware enough to know when to stop the flood. Continue reading Shelter 2 – Review

Shelter – Review

For all the saviors of the galaxies, legendary heroes, and lone hopes for humanity that populate most video games, developers have been ignoring one of the world’s fiercest protectors: mothers, and their love for their childen. Shelter casts you as a badger, sole guardian of her five cubs, who must set forth against the harsh world to try and lead her children to safety. Through storms and wildfires, your determination will be tested and the lives of your underlings repeatedly put in danger, as you travel on an intense journey that not everyone will be able to survive. Continue reading Shelter – Review