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Escape Goat 2 – Review

The first Escape Goat was a nearly flawless execution of what it wanted to be: a clever, compact puzzle platformer that didn’t sacrifice cleverness for comprehensibility. In a lot of ways Escape Goat 2 is just more of the same, albeit with a much nicer art style, but in expanding the original experience it loses a lot of what made the first game so smart. It feels like a sequel that someone felt they ought to make instead of an outlet for the ideas that couldn’t didn’t previously make the cut, and although that same great game is still at the core the level of consistent direction is not, leaving Escape Goat 2 in many ways a lesser experience than the one which preceded it. Continue reading Escape Goat 2 – Review

Escape Goat – Review

I like to think of Escape Goat as “the little game that could”. Launching first on the highly flawed and crowed Xbox Indie Game Market, it garnered a cult following that pushed it ahead of the seemingly endless shovelware that littered the platform, eventually making its way to Steam and even getting a sequel. Despite the acclaim, I’ve been sitting on the sidelines, still unconvinced by the unimpressive graphics and seemingly basic design. As is often the case though, my first impressions couldn’t have been further from the truth, as Escape Goat more than lives up to its well deserved reputation. Continue reading Escape Goat – Review