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3AM Reminds Us Of The Simple Joy Of A Late Night Cup Of Tea

Insomnia has been an unwelcome guest in my life for as long as I can remember. It’s a bit like a nocturnal puppy, waiting until you are just easing into bed and then deciding it is time to play, springing on you like a snake in a can and refusing to let you go to sleep until it’s had some fun. Usually this amounts to lying in bed silently counting off the seconds of sleep you’ve already missed out on as you roll around only to discover your bed has been replaced with what feels like a pile of rocks. None of the magic remedies seem to work, and at some point between contemplating how hard you’d have to hit yourself in the head to pass out and whether you should just give up on the idea of sleep altogether, you took out your phone and now it is all over. Continue reading 3AM Reminds Us Of The Simple Joy Of A Late Night Cup Of Tea

Quick Thoughts On: Fragile Soft Machines

Fragile Soft Machines asks a lot from the player. It asks that they buy into the plight of a butterfly crippled by its broken wing, to guide it through the dangerous garden it’s fallen in and attempt to make it a better place. It asks for the player to fill in much of the plot themselves, through text boxes and choices for which the outcome is often difficult to discern. And it asks that they accept their fate with little in the way of closure. Continue reading Quick Thoughts On: Fragile Soft Machines