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On the many works of Kitty Horrorshow

This piece didn’t begin as what it eventually became. I had just finished Rain, House, Eternity and was attempting to outline my thoughts on paper, but the more I thought about it the more I realized that what I was writing was less a review of a particular game and more a discussion on its creator’s full body of work. Continue reading On the many works of Kitty Horrorshow

The Right Side of Town – Review

Javy Gwaltney and Kitty Horrorshow’s Twine game, The Right Side of Town, is my favorite kind of cyberpunk.

While it’s plot is set in the futuristic, technological dreamscape of Asphodel City orbiting above Mars, its themes are in large rooted much more in the societal concerns of modern-day life. Viewed from the eyes of Naomi, a 500-year-old android disguised as a human, it feels in many ways less of a warning for the potential dangers of sentient technologies, but more an exploration of the lengths we’ll go to be accepted by society. Continue reading The Right Side of Town – Review