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Indie Impressions: Jenny LeClue (Playable Teaser)

It feels like far too long since I’ve been as excited for a game to release as Jenny LeClue, so you can imagine my excitement when a playable teaser for it was recently released and I finally got a chance to play it myself. If you missed the Kickstarter or are otherwise unaware of what exactly Jenny LeClue is, it follows a titular young detective as she explores a colorful world, hunts for clues to prove her mother’s innocence, and humorously corrects the narrator when he gets things just a little off (the idea is you are playing through a choose your own adventure novel). Continue reading Indie Impressions: Jenny LeClue (Playable Teaser)

Indie Impressions: Titan Souls (Prototype Demo)

I’m not sure exactly why or when it started, but I’ve become completely obsessed with Titan Souls and its imminent release. Despite having watched little gameplay, only knowing basic details on how it works, and having yet to read through an actual preview of the game, there’s just been something about it that I can’t describe which makes me feel it’s going to be something special. After sitting down with the current demo build I can only say that whatever excitement I previously had is now monumentally higher, making the game almost certainly my most anticipated release this year so far. Continue reading Indie Impressions: Titan Souls (Prototype Demo)

Indie Impressions: Blue Revolver (Alpha Demo)

Blue Revolver is like a checklist of bullet hell staples, remixed into its own uniquely handcrafted mayhem.

It reminds me a lot of another recent genre classic, Crimzon Clover, but more as an inspiration than a clone. Recognizable pieces make it an easy game to slip into, alternating between different firing speeds while dashing tightly through projectiles. Even in an alpha state Blue Revolver feels polished and sophisticated. The speed of the ship, the number of shots required to take down an enemy, the positioning of oncoming threats and the paths you need to take to  avoid them; there’s a level of knowledge in Blue Revolver’s design that’s atypical of a small developer at this point in development, and it has me immensely excited about where it might grow from this point. Continue reading Indie Impressions: Blue Revolver (Alpha Demo)

Indie Impressions: Cadence (Kickstarter Demo)

Music creation and editing software is something I’ve always been incredibly interested in learning how to use, but doing so is in a lot of ways like learning an entire new language. Though there have definitely been improvements in teaching newcomers how to use the software, by and large my experience has been loading a program up, being overwhelmed with toolbars, audio tracks, and more level adjusters than I can even begin to imagine what I’d do with them. So hearing about Cadence, I was immediately taken in by how its entire design is focused in the opposite direction of giving you millions of ways to adjust your sound, leaving you with a minimal but still highly functional and dynamic arrangement of tools to create loops which when layered form an actual song. Continue reading Indie Impressions: Cadence (Kickstarter Demo)

Indie Impressions: Fantastic Witch Collective (Adventure Demo)

Firstly, I’d just like to take a moment to recognize that Fantastic Witch Collective as a name for anything is already pretty brilliant. That that something happens to be a delightful 16-bit RPG from indie developer, Lulu Blue, only makes it more, well, fantastic, and though it’s still incredibly early in development, the little I’ve played of FWC has me convinced it’s going to live up to its title. Continue reading Indie Impressions: Fantastic Witch Collective (Adventure Demo)

Indie Impressions: Master Spy (Alpha Demo)

Stealth games have had something of a rebirth as of late, starting most notably with Mark of the Ninja to move the genre away from trial and error into more organic, creative gameplay loops.

Turbogun’s Master Spy isn’t interested in that kind of stealth though. In fact calling Master Spy a stealth game almost doesn’t seem appropriate. It’s far more in line with an arcade twitch platformer, giving you small rooms to navigate with absolute precision, only instead of evading enemies you need to keep out of sight of guards and security cameras (among the other assorted traps you’d expect a spy to encounter, ie. lasers everywhere). Continue reading Indie Impressions: Master Spy (Alpha Demo)