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Dance Central is for the Wallflowers

I hadn’t danced a day in my life before I spontaneously decided to go in on a discarded Kinect with possibly the best argument for owning one: Harmonix’s Dance Central (2010). My lack of dancefloor experience was not for a lack of interest. I’d made a point to position myself as “the wallflower who could (if only someone would give me a push).” I went to school dances, stood at the edge of wedding reception mosh pits, and spent hours studying dance videos on YouTube only to find that I was still as unable to get my body moving as ever. All of that changed with Dance Central.  Continue reading Dance Central is for the Wallflowers

A City Sleeps – Review

One of the my favorite things about Harmonix as a studio is how they’ve managed to hang on to their soul and passion for game development even after having created two of the most successful franchises in video game history (and subsequently, the many, many sequels which followed). Guitar Hero and Rock Band were a legitimate phenomenon, so much so that their popularity eventually became their downfall (taking music games as a collective whole with them). Harmonix themselves have yet to close up shop though, and in the post-music game crash they’ve started to experiment and begin to redefine themselves as a studio capable of more than popularizing plastic instruments. Continue reading A City Sleeps – Review