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Absolute Drift goes round and round and round and round

Drifting has always existed as a sort of accessory sport to traditional racing. Flashy and dangerous, drifting — the act of taking a corner so as to lose control of the back wheels and cause the car to turn sideways — prizes style and precision over speed and vehicular power. Though organized events such as the US’s Formula D series exist they are still searching for a large audience, and outside of Japan drifting remains largely a novelty, something to spice up action movies and arcade racers but rarely thought of as a legitimate sport itself. Continue reading Absolute Drift goes round and round and round and round

Race The Sun – Review

Race The Sun is an adrenaline rush the likes of which few other games can compare! The whoosh as you soar past objects, the intensity as the sun threatens to disappear past the horizon, and the unbelievable moments of triumph when you make it through in one piece are but small bits of what makes for an extremely exhilarating experience. Continue reading Race The Sun – Review