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Metrico+ isn’t a simple port, it’s a rebirth.

This post is a supplement to my original Metrico review, concerned primarily with how Metrico+ differs from the original. For more on Metrico, please see my review of the Vita version.

Originally released exclusively for the Playstation Vita in 2014, Metrico was so heavily entwined with the Vita’s hardware that it was difficult to imagine how developer Digital Dreams would replicate it on other platforms. The short answer is that Metrico+ both is and isn’t the game released on Vita just over two years ago. Continue reading Metrico+ isn’t a simple port, it’s a rebirth.

Metrico Finds Beauty In Bar Charts

As an idea, Metrico is antithetical to much of what has been accepted as conventional game design wisdom. With most games doing everything they can to minimize how conscious you are of the controller sitting in your hand, the deliberateness with which Metrico calls attention to every input performed by the player is both unorthodox and risky. In subordinating the significance of an input’s outcome to focus entirely on the input itself, developer Digital Dreams have created something that is refreshing in its lack of pretensions and ancillary diversions, but ultimately overburdened by the Vita’s plethora of extraneous features. Continue reading Metrico Finds Beauty In Bar Charts