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Indie Impressions: Titan Souls (Prototype Demo)

I’m not sure exactly why or when it started, but I’ve become completely obsessed with Titan Souls and its imminent release. Despite having watched little gameplay, only knowing basic details on how it works, and having yet to read through an actual preview of the game, there’s just been something about it that I can’t describe which makes me feel it’s going to be something special. After sitting down with the current demo build I can only say that whatever excitement I previously had is now monumentally higher, making the game almost certainly my most anticipated release this year so far. Continue reading Indie Impressions: Titan Souls (Prototype Demo)

Hotline Miami – Review

Hotline Miami made me feel like a monster.

As the music drove me forward and the hypnotic neon visuals swelled around the edges of a stage, I lost track of the number of people I had so brutally and ruthlessly murdered. The first kill was shocking, fast, and pointless. I felt sick and angry at the person who’d forced me into it. Then they gave me a pipe, and then a gun, and I kept killing. For as disturbing as the mutilated corpses and pools of blood around me were, the feedback I was being given was intoxicating, and the thrill of barely avoiding death only heightening the sensation. Continue reading Hotline Miami – Review