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The Unconditional Love of Dropsy

January, 2001.

I fidget in the pew, unable to contain my energy as the preacher goes on and on about God and money and who is even listening and would they care if I crawled under the pew? My mother shoots me a disgruntled look as she pulls me back into my seat. “If you are good and just sit still I’ll buy you candy,” she whispers into my ear. I sit as calmly as I can for the rest of the service. Continue reading The Unconditional Love of Dropsy

Reigns invites you to be a king of inconsequential actions

If the 2016 US presidential election has shown us anything, it’s that politics is almost by design ruthless and unsavory. Though this is nothing new to most – few sentiments are as near universal across America as a disenfranchisement with the political machine – this election has proven exceptionally messy, sparking across the country a mood that in some ways approximate a mini civil war. There is no compromise, no understanding; only two sides with a widening gap in between. If keeping supporters happy is a difficult task for political leaders, appeasing everyone is utterly off the table. The best that can be hoped for is for this tension to hold, lest it break and plunge our country into even further anarchy. Continue reading Reigns invites you to be a king of inconsequential actions

Always Sometimes Monsters – Review

Our lives are full of choices; ups and downs that dictate our destiny and forge our path through the world. They’re the moments that define us, and for better or worse steer our life one way or another. Always Sometimes Monsters builds itself on this intrinsic aspect we all experience, but does so to intentionally take us down roads we would hopefully never travel down in our own lives. Unrestrained and unafraid of presenting dark and controversial moments, it’s a shockingly human experience that’s alarmingly introspective, making me continually question myself as I lead my character into increasingly dire circumstances, but at the same time is untraditionally relatable. I connected with my character to a degree I’ve rarely experienced while playing a game, and this ability to bring the player into a second life with nothing but text and pixels is what makes ASM such an unprecedented achievement. Continue reading Always Sometimes Monsters – Review