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Deadpool – Movie Review

It wouldn’t be entirely unfair to say Deadpool, as a movie, exists entirely for and in spite of itself. Entering into a superhero climate that more often than not embodies what is now considered a model family blockbuster, Deadpool is crude and gory and anything but kid friendly. It’s a movie nobody thought could be made through its necessity of an R rating, yet here it is, and somehow what it is is even more shocking than that it exists at all. Deadpool isn’t just fun, it’s a complete rethinking of what a superhero movie can and should look like. It is, essentially, what Deadpool as a character is to his superhero peers – unheroic, selfish, crass, excessively violent – but far beyond nailing the basic characterization of Deadpool, director Tim Miller has mirrored the character’s style and irreverence upon every aspect of a film that is almost excessively fun to watch. Continue reading Deadpool – Movie Review