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Indie Impressions: Blue Revolver (Alpha Demo)

Blue Revolver is like a checklist of bullet hell staples, remixed into its own uniquely handcrafted mayhem.

It reminds me a lot of another recent genre classic, Crimzon Clover, but more as an inspiration than a clone. Recognizable pieces make it an easy game to slip into, alternating between different firing speeds while dashing tightly through projectiles. Even in an alpha state Blue Revolver feels polished and sophisticated. The speed of the ship, the number of shots required to take down an enemy, the positioning of oncoming threats and the paths you need to take to  avoid them; there’s a level of knowledge in Blue Revolver’s design that’s atypical of a small developer at this point in development, and it has me immensely excited about where it might grow from this point. Continue reading Indie Impressions: Blue Revolver (Alpha Demo)