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LYNE – Review

Puzzle games in my eyes need a few things to be entertaining, addicting tests of your wits. They should be easy to pick up, with basic rules that don’t require lengthy tutorials or wordy instructions to understand. They ought to be dynamic, built on a framework that can be easily reworked into a continual stream of interesting puzzles that don’t become repetitive despite being similar if not identical in design. And lastly I prefer them to be easy to pick up and put down, like a coffee table book that you can spend a few minutes or hours passing the time with, then set it back down for an unknown amount of time and still find it just as enjoyable the next time you look at it. Continue reading LYNE – Review

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Review

For a game billing itself as a retro platformer, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams almost seems to go out of its way to break the mold that has formed out of such a rapidly populating genre. Shunning away from its restrictively minimalistic, outrageously challenging and graphically simplistic peers, it preserves and refines the classic platformer gameplay while giving it a modern facelift. Giana Sisters is one of the most visually impressive games the genre has ever seen, but it’s when you combined its looks with how well it plays that it becomes something really special. Continue reading Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Review

Castle of Illusion – Review

Perhaps I’m just a cynical bigot blinded by nostalgia, but in my eyes Disney has lost quite a bit of its magic in recent years. Instead of the delightfully imaginative works of their glory years, we’ve been “treated” to an abundance of derivative shovel-ware and cash grabs, all relying on their branding and marketing instead of actual quality to make them a success. A remake of the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive classic, Castle of Illusion could have very well been just another mediocre licensed game, but to my absolute surprise and delight it is anything but; a whimsical joy of a platformer that pays homage to Mickey’s past, while bringing him into the modern-day just as enjoyable as we remember him. Continue reading Castle of Illusion – Review

Race The Sun – Review

Race The Sun is an adrenaline rush the likes of which few other games can compare! The whoosh as you soar past objects, the intensity as the sun threatens to disappear past the horizon, and the unbelievable moments of triumph when you make it through in one piece are but small bits of what makes for an extremely exhilarating experience. Continue reading Race The Sun – Review

Dead Space – Review

Dead Space is the unofficial Alien game we always wanted! The horrific plight of starship engineer Issac Clark aboard the U.S.G Ishimura perfectly replicates the feeling of isolation and suspense of Ridley Scott’s classic, while also innovating and branching out on its own right to create an impeccable homage to sci-fi horror which continually surprises and rewards with each astoundingly well thought out design decision. Continue reading Dead Space – Review

Thomas Was Alone – Review

Yes this is a game about squares and rectangles, but it’s also so much more than that. The heart and soul of Thomas Was Alone is its story of friendship, learning to believe in yourself, and never settling for just OK. Groan worthy as that may sound, developer and writer Mike Bithell deftly avoids the pretentious and heavy-handed pitfalls that have proven to be so easy to fall into, and manages to craft a narrative that is touching, funny, and unquestionably charming from start to finish. Continue reading Thomas Was Alone – Review