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The Unconditional Love of Dropsy

January, 2001.

I fidget in the pew, unable to contain my energy as the preacher goes on and on about God and money and who is even listening and would they care if I crawled under the pew? My mother shoots me a disgruntled look as she pulls me back into my seat. “If you are good and just sit still I’ll buy you candy,” she whispers into my ear. I sit as calmly as I can for the rest of the service. Continue reading The Unconditional Love of Dropsy

Read Only Memories – Review

Read Only Memories is beautiful in its willingness to embrace its most earnest parts. Cyberpunk as a genre seems obsessed with the grimy underbelly of technological utopias, social disorder among megacorporation overlords, and the dangers unregulated scientific breakthroughs create for humanity at large. Rarely is it even discussed that maybe there’s room within cyberpunk for more than government induced terror and futuristic narcotics. Where, if I may be so bold, is the cute side of cyberpunk? Continue reading Read Only Memories – Review

Nidhogg – Review

Nidhogg embodies the aggressive, intoxicating thrill of competition. Through hazily defined personas and their ethereal exacting movements, a simple duel is transformed into a bustling frenzy of close saves, impossible luck, and overlapping cries of victory and defeat. It only took one match for me to fall in love with Nidhogg – to be hooked by the overwhelming energy that erupts both inside and outside the game – and hours later each round continues to bring with it that same feeling that I’m discovering something incredible for the first time and desperately need someone to share it with. Continue reading Nidhogg – Review

Beeswing – Review

“I guess everything can be condensed into a soundbyte now.”

I had been talking to a character, attempting to console him after the death of his mother with the notion he was nearing the last of the five stages of grief. It seemed a throwaway comment, but his response left me shaken. The simpleness with which I had uttered supportive comments – told people that everything will be alright and they’ll get through this – were suddenly laid bare and hollow, having been said to so many that they came almost automatically and without any real meaning behind them. How then must those actually going through these traumas feel? Being forced to listen to my fabricated condolences and pretending they mean something, when they can likely see better than anyone how forced these words are? Continue reading Beeswing – Review

Fract OSC – Review

The marvel of Fract OSC struck me to the point of immobility.

Standing within its world of organic sound and breathing architecture, I often found myself unconsciously freezing in place as a dormant level stirred at my approach, erupting into an awe-inspiring display or neon lights and blaring synths that sent goosebumps down my neck. I’d drift into obscure corners and onto meaningless ledges just to see what was there, being astonished at even the smallest piece of a world that seemed impossibly connected and alive. Continue reading Fract OSC – Review

Dreaming Sarah – Review

Dreams are a rare occurence for me. Going to sleep usually causes me to fall into complete emptiness, or hover just between alert and unconscious as I struggle not to wake myself up. When I do dream though, it’s because something is wrong. When I’m feeling scared, or guilty, or anxious, these feelings manifest themselves in vividly internalized strangeness that often cause me to wake suddenly in a sweat, and then just as quickly slip away as I attempt to recall what happened. Continue reading Dreaming Sarah – Review

Monument Valley – Review

You know that feeling when you’re experiencing something so incredible and all-encompassing that there’s no room left to find the words to describe it? When all your senses are being pinged and it’s impossible to do anything but let the experience envelope you? That was what playing Monument Valley was like for me. Continue reading Monument Valley – Review

Metamorphabet – Review

This weekend had been fairly unpleasant. I’d come down with something awful, sneezing and coughing like crazy as I lounged around trying not to infect every inch of my home and the people who share it with me. I was all but forced by my body to do nothing but lie in bed wondering what I’d done to the universe this time, as I cycled between barely conscious and hyper alert and all the while failing entirely to distract myself from whatever was ailing me. Continue reading Metamorphabet – Review