Kritiqal is website focused on writing about video games from unorthodox and underserved perspectives. Its goal is to create discussions around games as an art form, as well as spotlight smaller independent games and developers creating cool things in interesting places by exploring games from literary, artistic, and feminist perspectives. If any of these things upset you please let me know and I will be happy to talk. On the flip side if you are a developer and are interested in me writing about your work, send me an email at contact@kritial.com and I would be happy to check out what you’re working on. Cheers and happy playing!

Kritiqal is the pet project of Nate Kiernan, AKA MrNinjaSquirrel. You can find more of his day to day shenanigans on Twitter @MrNinjaSquirrel or email contact (at) kritiqal (dot) com for comments and inquiries.

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