Lost Saves – Episode 6: ASMR Spiritual Experience Special

Hello, dear listeners, and welcome to episode 6 of Lost Saves.

This week, in lieu of losing a few of our cast members, we decided we would put together a bit of soothing audio fuzz for your ear holes. So get cozy, grab some tea, and get ready to relax like it’s 1995. We’ll hopefully be back next week with a regular episode.

Things Discussed

  • Death by Carl’s Jr.
  • Gamefaqs
  • How to farm with a hoe
  • How to get a fairy kiss
  • What to do about all these HeftyHeads and their mystical sticks
  • Ven is an illusion

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Our intro and outro music is by Ben Prunty off his Chromatic T-Rex EP. You can find his work on benprunty.com and on Bandcamp.

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