Lost Saves – Episode 1: Pajama Sam, 2017’s Hottest Release

Welcome to the first episode of Lost Saves, Kritiqal’s new podcast on games, politics, and the reasons we play! This week Xavier Sales, Liz Lane, and Rhiannon Williams join me – Nate Kiernan – to discuss our earliest gaming memories. Why we were drawn to games, casual-game criticism, and ways we can welcome more people into gaming.

Things discussed

  • Killing Time at Lightspeed
  • Social media sadness
  • Why I’m the only person who likes Twitter
  • Halo and the holidays
  • Early gaming memories
  • The “casual” stigma
  • Xavier’s childhood Zelda LARP
  • Pajama Sam is still the best
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s and disability in games

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Our intro and outro music is by Ben Prunty off his album Chromatic T-Rex. You can find his work at benprunty.com and on Bandcamp.

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